Saturday, 13 August 2011

Beseeching God's Love

I know you're my Lord , my supreme Love
I too wanna Love you
I know I really need to Love you
it's the crown of all happiness
I strive hard for it
but my love to you Lord always get disturbed
O my,so many hurdles come perturbing
my lust and the cursed satan
this mesmerising world is always fascinating
at that moment I forget about you               Ya Allah
my Love is so far-off,it does come occasionally
though for a while,my heart blossoms
then i forget back
sometimes i forget about you for so long
then sometimes i come to realise
you're my supreme Love
you're worth to be loved,then i forget again
that's how it is,my love to you Lord
with dereliction comes i between O Lard
with this weeping heart
please help me with your Blessings
do help me to love you
may all take love perish on their own 
that's my hope on you

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